1. What is a SIM game?
SIM is a shortening from SIMULATION/SIMULATED. In SIM game it stands for a stable existing only in the internet. All the horses and actions (competitions, shows etc.) happen only in imagination. The phenomena has its origins in the USA, but it's also very popular in Finland and other countries.

2. How do SIM games work?
The SIM players have their own wide spread network consisting of farms, studs and private stables. The players have special forums and boards, they arrange competitions and horse shows, they sell, buy and breed horses and ponies. But SIM players don't get any real money when doing business with other stables. All winnings, sale prices and such are considered as SIM money, the players get no real profit.

3. Why do SIM games exist?
SIM games have been said to be excellent hobbies for those who are for example allergic to animals, don't live near horses or just don't have the chance to be around them. Building websites for different SIM activities is a interesting way to learn HTML, CSS, maybe even Javascript and other computer related areas.
SIM games are a great way to spend all the extra time or just to relax after a hard day. It is also a way to make new friends both in real life and over the internet.
SIM games aren't just for little girls. Though the average player is somewhere around 13-16, some are even over 20 or closer to 30. The youngsters are usually "just players", when the older are more interested in organizations and rules.


5. If I decide to give a SIM-player my photos, what then?
Then you should decide, if you want your name and website / e-mail address marked on the page where your photos are used or on a copyright page. Some SIM players put the name and the link under the specific photo or at the bottom of the page. Some copyright owners don't expect a name or a link added at all.